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Mr Orsen has been in the creative industry for more than a decade. He explores his love for the arts through Photography through advanced selfies, travel and lifestyle photography just to mention but a few. He posses editing and retouching skills using adobe package – Photoshop & Lightroom.
He also posses skills in Videography, from content conceptualization, to shooting and editing using adobe Premiere Pro. He is a well rounded creative who has displayed and understand skills needed in the digital marketing space hence offering VA services.



Mr Orsen has a passion for photography, he has since studied and learnt the art of photography by himself and turned it into a profession that pays the bills. He is competent with the use of Adobe package – Photoshop & Lightroom – editing and retouching.


As a self taught videographer. Mr Orsen posses video editing skills and competent with the use of adobe premiere pro. He has taken it upon himself to create video content that is of quality during his travels, producing online talk shows and content for companies too.

Virtual Assistance Service

As a well rounded content creator with knowledge of the digital space and marketing, Mr Orsen offers services that provides solutions to individuals or corporates. he has the ability to create content that fits and communicate with different platforms.

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