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Virtual Solutions

As a well rounded content creator with knowledge of the digital space and marketing, Mr Orsen offers services that provides solutions to individuals and or corporates. He has the ability to create content that fits and communicate with different platforms

Photography & Photo Editing Services


As a photographer, Mr Orsen offers photography services ranging from;

  • Photoshoots – product photography, concept photography etc
  • Photo editing – Retouching, colour corrections etc.
  • Photoshoot conceptualisation

Videography & Video Editing


Mr Orsen is knowledgeable with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro – offers services ranging from;

  • Video production
  • Video Editing

Social Media Management

With the internet playing a huge role in business positioning, social media is a right tool to get businesses recognised. We offer the following services;

  • Curate content – post scheduling & captioning
  • Develop strategies to keep up with the ever changing algorithms
  • Entice and create brand conversations and drive engagement
  • Provide monthly analytics report

Administration Work

  • Data entry
  • Organise content
  • Gather industry research
  • Management emails and messages
  • Arrange for bookings, meeting etc.

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